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Mystic Creativity


I have been creative my whole life. I moved to New Orleans when I turned 18 and was hired as an artist’s assistant. I spent hours replicating sculptures and painting paper maché. I have always needed to create in some form or another. I have dabbled in many media including, fabricated steel sculpture, cast bronze, ceramics, oil and acrylic paints, glass, textiles, and most recently, leather.

My love for functional art comes from the desire to make things that people love and want to have with them. I want my work to be useful, helpful, and make one feel more confidant and secure.


I get really excited and inspired by raw materials. An uncut leather hide has endless potential!


I have always had an affinity for gemstones but before working with leather never had an application or reason to buy them. Thankfully now I have unlimited reasons to collect many shiny beautiful stones for my work. Sourcing my materials also brings me joy as it most likely takes me to interesting places and to meet people I wouldn’t be working with otherwise.


When I’m not in my workshop I am raising my amazing children. My children love to come to the workshop and use scraps to make gifts and small products they like to display and sell outside the bay door.


We love to grow our own food, raise chickens, rabbits and honey bees.

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