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The stones in this piece are AMAZING! 

Inlaid into the straps we have (from top to bottom) blue rainbow moonstones with black tourmoline inclusions, incredible quality moonstones and more moonstones with black tourmoline! Two additional lmoonstones with black tourms in the pockets!   Love that detail!

This pocket holster keeps your important things safe while you remain hands free! Fits most phones in main pocket. Both pockets have a secret zippered pocket in the back.


Mystic Fables Leather is Hand made in Eugene, OR.
Our metal hardware is designed and manufactured here in Eugene as well.

All my products are 100% hand made in the USA. All of our products come with a life time guarantee! Something giving you trouble? Send it back and I will personally repair it at no cost to you.

Leather Pocket Holster

  • Most of the leather I use are offcuts and remnants from larger bag and upholstery companies. Leather is inevitably a by-product of the meat industry. I believe that utilizing the leather from these animals further values and honors their lives, as now they live on as beautiful art that someone cherishes. My logo, the cow skull with the butterfly wings and the crescent moon, is a symbol of that transformation.