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Sunday. APRIL 23rd 10am-5pm

Sunday APRIL 30th 10-5pm


Create your own headdress with master leather artist, Jayme Vineyard, owner of Mystic Fables Leather. Learn the secrets of wet forming and stone inlay!


In this intensive 12 hour workshop, participants will design intricate, multi layered, wet formed leather headdresses.

We will have the option of using feathers and gemstones within the design.

We will work with shaping tools, leather tooling tools and our hands to sculpt and form the crown into a majestic outer representation of our inner selves.

Participants will explore ideas like;

Creating art for ritual work.

Working with concepts or muses as an access point or launchpad to creativity.

Turning inward to work with personal energy centers, gods/goddesses/deities via visual representation and adornment.

I am so excited for this first if it’s kind workshop!


See you soon in our new workshop space at Wildling Collaborative Arts ❤️❤️❤️

Tapping Your Inner Strength: Leather headdress making workshop

  • Most of the leather I use are offcuts and remnants from larger bag and upholstery companies. Leather is inevitably a by-product of the meat industry. I believe that utilizing the leather from these animals further values and honors their lives, as now they live on as beautiful art that someone cherishes. My logo, the cow skull with the butterfly wings and the crescent moon, is a symbol of that transformation.